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After Dating A President, I Can't Date An Ordinary Man - Ella Martins

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Beninoise actress/singer Ella Martins, who is popularly known in Nigeria for her alleged lesbian affair with Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji, is back in the news again, with some revelations about herself, as well as her romantic relationship with a president.

 In an interview with Vanguard, the sexy musician spoke on her most embarrassing moment in life.

According to her, the most embarrassing moment in her life was when DJ Arafat stopped to kiss her during a performance. She also revealed how fans carried her and tried to have a feel of her backside after a good performance with Nigerian singer, Orezi.

Ella said that people are of the opinion that she did a surgery on her hips, which causes stare in public places, and that a man once told her he would give his life just to feel her bum.

Speaking on the rumour which went round in 2013 about her having a romantic affair with Genevieve, Ella denied the allegation and claimed she is now being disturbed by the story.

She admitted kissing Genevieve, but she said there are no strings attached. "We kissed, but it was nothing extraordinary. It was a normal kiss between girls. I mean kgirls do kiss each other normally, even guys do", she said.

Speaking on affairs before marriage, the singer-cum-actress said it is good and welcomed as it will help both partners to get to know each other adequately. She also revealed she had affair with a president who broke her heart, and that she is working on a movie based on the experience. She also said that the relationship with the president made her mature and makes it hard to date an 'ordinary' person.

"Yes, a president broke my heart. Tje relationship I had with the president is a long story. I fell in love with him because he was attentive and mature. Infact the relationship made me mature. It's not easy dating a president. I am even working on a movie based on that experience. Since dating the president, I found it difficult to date an ordinary person", she said.

On her major influence, the beautiful star said:

"My major influence is Rihanna. She inspires me. We have a lot in common, she has talents, beauty, and also possesses delightful sex appeals".

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